DeLancey's Brigade fields a military battalion at various living history demonstrations and battle reenactments throughout the northeast.  To field arms members must be at least 16 years of age (anyone under 17 must be accompanied by a parent of guardian).

The Battalion uses "The Manual Exercise as Ordered by His Majesty, In 1764".


DeLancey Brigades Military Uniform


Regimental (Coat):  Correct Pattern as supplied by DeLancey's with proper shade of red with blue facings, large (7/8") RP Pewter Buttons 


Waistcoat (Vest): Correct pattern as supplied by Delancey's.  The Waistcoat is to be made from white wool, linen back and lined with the appropriate 18th Century favric, small (1/2") RP Petwer buttons (10 - 12) 


Breeches: Correct pattern to be supplied by DeLancey's.  White woolen breeches with the appropriate 18th Century fabric, with 5/8" plain pewter buttons at the fall and small (1/2") plain buttons on the legs.


Shirt: Correct pattern to be supplied by DeLancey's.  Made from natural linen with bone buttons and without neck ruffles.


Neck stock: Made from black horsehair with leather tab ends and a brass clasp.


Stockings: Smooth (Not ribbed), cotton or wool.


Cocked Hat:  Black felt British enlisted man's cocked hat with white wirsted binding around the edge, black silk or satin cockade and large (7/8") RP pewter button, black cotton tie-up cord, black cotton cockade loop with white linen sweatband.


Shoes:  Black, round toe shoes of the period with brass buckles or ties.


Musket: British short land pattern, second model, service musket.  Reproduction flintlock musket with bayonet, flash guard, hammer stall and sling swivels.